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Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in freight management and the trucking industry! 

Randy Jack


Director of Development


Randy Jack is Co-owner of There & Back Logistics, LLC and our Director of Business Development. He has years of experience in owning and running trucking companies involved in everything from construction materials to hazmat! Together with Co-owner Craig Smith, he is part of a power-house team that can restructure struggling business, improve driver and office morale, and create winning business strategies. 


- Understands all areas of fleet management and ownership including industry best practices

- Leads from the front; Randy is a strong leader who builds genuine and supportive relationships with employees.

-Proven ability in reducing driver turn-over by listening, challenging, and changing the status quo while improving revenues. 

-Has worked with a variety of equipment including tankers, vans and reefers and has experience handling customer needs in a variety of industries

Craig Smith


Director of Logisitcs


Craig Smith is Co-owner and Director of Logistics for There & Back Logistics, LLC. Originally from a background in Psychiatry and Software Engineering, he found his niche in freight logistics - growing from dispatcher to load coordinator like a rising star. His education has provided him with unique motivational skills and a new way of approaching office efficiency and education. Able to bridge the gap often found between corporate wants and driver needs with his unique way of approaching logistics, together with Randy Jack, Craig improves operational efficiency while boosting morale, educating office staff, and reducing driver/ office conflicts. 


- Experience in workshops on compliance for both office staff and drivers

- Brings office staff and drivers together so they feel like a team

- Demonstrated ability in improving office and driver efficiency so that customer needs can be met more effectively creating exceptional customer experiences

- Knows how to listen to employees and create plans and forecasts to help tackle the ebb and flow of the industry keeping drivers busy when its slow and office staff calm during a rush

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